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Real Estate Closings:
Koch, Koch, Bennett & Buono has handled real estate closings and refinancing for commercial and residential properties, and has represented individuals and financial lending institutions for over 110 years.

Real estate is a highly complex area of the law, with many rules and technicalities that must be strictly followed. Real estate closings, even those that involve sales of residential property can be complicated affairs. Short Sales are a more frequent occurence with property owners concerns for their credit and the effects that foreclosures have towards ones furture property ownership. There are numerous opportunities for errors and, while those errors can be corrected, doing so can be costly and time-consuming. Some of these errors may not be easily corrected and can be prevented with the right guidance.  Koch, Koch, Bennett & Buono will ensure the closing is handled correctly the first time thereby avoiding unforeseen problems.

Koch, Koch, Bennett & Buono prides itself on not hidding fees. Many lawyers will quote you a low fee to undercut others for business while charging exorbitant amounts for recording a Deed or Mortgage or calling charges other than their legal fee a "review fee." Instead, we work together with our extended team to ensure the closing takes place for the fee we've quoted you. We do not stress the numerous difficulties associated with closings. Instead, we pride ourselves on identifying solutions so that we may satisfy the clients’ objectives.

Koch, Koch, Bennett & Buono understands the complex, time-sensitive, and consuming nature of real estate closings. Recognizing the constant coordination involved among the client, the lender/broker, and the attorney, Koch, Koch, Bennett & Buono employs a full time real estate paralegals. While many firms have paralegals involved in all aspects of their practice, Koch, Koch, Bennett & Buono dedicates its paralegals strictly to the real estate closing process.

 Zoning & Planning:

Gary D. Bennett and our firm has represented numerous land use boards, including planning boards, zoning boards and redevelopment agencies, as well as property owners, developers and redevelopers. This experience provides valuable insight and experience to our representation of land use boards and developers. We offer a full range of services to guide and counsel clients from the conception of a project, appearance before various land use boards and agencies, obtaining approvals and, if required, litigation and appeals. We also work closely with and have long standing relationships with various experts including engineers, planners, architects and other consultants to ensure our clients’ needs are met. Zoning and planning law is complex and requires a seasoned lawyer whose experience reaches beyond litigation of cases. We provide this understanding and experience, along with a strong interest in the success of your case. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us for a free consultation.

Landlord / Tenant:

Landlord Tenant work can be some of the most complex areas of law that requires intricate detail and meticulous preparation. Following is a general list of some of the reasons a landlord may file a complaint in the Landlord/Tenant Section:

Failure to pay rent; Continued disorderly conduct; Willful destruction or damage to property; Habitual lateness in paying rent; Violation of rules and regulations, after written notice to comply, as outlined in a lease or other document; Tenant's conviction for a drug offense.

Before filing some complaints, a landlord must give a tenant written notice to stop particular conduct. Only when a tenant continues that conduct after notice to stop can a landlord try to have the tenant evicted. Also, complaints for other than non-payment of rent generally require notice terminating the tenancy. You may wish to contact an attorney for more information.

A landlord or a tenant that is a corporation must be represented by a New Jersey attorney in all matters filed in the Landlord/Tenant Section. No landlord or tenant may send a representative other than a lawyer to court.


If you are the landlord, you must come to court and prove the statements made in the complaint are true. Arrange to have in court any witnesses you need to prove your case. A written statement, even if made under oath, cannot be used in court. Only actual, in-court testimony of the witnesses will be allowed. Prepare your questions in advance. Bring to court records of any transactions that may help you prove your case. Such records may include:

Leases, estimates, bills, rent receipt records. Dishonored checks. Letters, photographs. Other documents proving your claim.


If you are the tenant, you don't have to file a written answer, but you must come to court and prove that the statements made by the landlord in the complaint are not true. Arrange to have in court any witnesses you need to prove your case. A written statement, even if made under oath, cannot be used in court. Only actual testimony of the witnesses will be allowed.

Bring to court all applicable records. Such records may include:

Rent receipts, canceled checks. Leases. Letters and notices to or from the landlord. Photographs. Other documents proving your case. If you have not paid rent because the landlord did not make necessary repairs, you have to prove to the court how serious the problems are and how they are affecting your use of the rented premises. If you have not paid your rent, you should bring the amount the landlord claims you owe to court. Only cash, a certified check, or a money order made out to the Court Clerk is acceptable.

New Jersey Divorce and Family Law:

The practice of family law requires experience, knowledge, and compassion for each client's difficult situations. At Koch, Koch, Bennett & Buono, our lawyers have successfully handled various family law cases that have involved:

  • Divorce
  • Post-Judgment Divorce Actions
  • Child Custody
  • Visitation
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Debt and Property     Division
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grandparental Rights
  • Domestic Partnerships

Municipal Court Attorneys:

If you have been arrested for a crime, time is of the essence in contacting an attorney. Whether your crime involved a traffic violation, driving under the influence (DUI), felony drug trafficking, or any type of misdemeanor or felony crime, you need aggresive representation and protection of your rights.

At Koch, Koch, Bennett & Buono, we have helped our clients who have been charged with various violations at the State, and Municipal court level. Our lawyer will investigate all aspects of your case, including events leading up to the arrest, and procedural defenses.

Estate Planning & Probate:
Koch, Koch, Bennett & Buono also answers your questions about planning for death, from writing a basic will to creating trusts for surviving family. Among the issues we cover are probate and the many ways to avoid it. Many people procrastinate for many reasons, but it's important to know that estate planning, such as writing a will, doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. And once it's done, you can rest a little easier, knowing that your wishes will be followed after your death. Koch, Koch & Bennett is prepared to assist you in the estate planning process.

Commercial Transactions:

(Buying & Selling of Businesses / Liquor License Transfers / Corp., LLC Formation etc.)

Koch, Koch, Bennett & Buono has extensive experience representing clients in commercial practice involving both transactions and litigation. Our expertise covers the preparation of a wide variety of contracts including Partnership agreements, employment contracts and construction contracts.

We also assist clients in business formations, lease negotiations, purchase or sale of businesses, joint venture contracts, and corporate development. As the technical revolution transforms the business landscape of the 21st century, we will continue to provide clients with the technical expertise and common sense to maintain profitability.



We handle litigation arising out of all contractual disputes and provide representation throughout the State courts, both at trial and appellate levels, in the areas of construction and regulation.

Other Areas and Expertise

Collections Actions / Compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Act

Environmental Law and NJ Department of Environmental Protection Regulation Compliance

Real Estate Tax Appeals

Valley National Bank
Review Attorneys for the Commercial Loan Department
Kearny Federal Savings Bank
Review Attorneys for Residential Mortgage Applications
Schuyler Savings Bank

General Counsel for the Bank


Foreclosure Mediation:

We perform real property foreclosure mediation, including workouts and liquidations. From the foreclosure complaint to receiverships and the foreclosure by sale, we are committed to ensuring that the proceedings are performed efficiently and in compliance with New Jersey regulations.